Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Mudder

A couple weeks ago we went to Tahoe with some friends and the boys conquered the long awaited TOUGH MUDDER. 12 miles of running through orange smoke, swimming through dumpsters filled with ice water, crawling through mud under barbed wire, monkey bars over ice cold water, running up a half pipe, ducking under barrels in ice cold water, rope climb, balance beam over ice cold water, running through dangling live wires, and plenty of male bonding in between. I had so much fun with the girls watching the obstacles, laughing all day, and feeling so proud :) Junie girl was such a champ and made a ton of friends that day! Thanks ladies for taking such good care of us!!!


You have GOT to love the guy in the singlet. Eating a banana. Excellent photography here Erika :)

Thanks for the fun weekend friends! Until next year!
ps For the full details... go to Hilarious!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Labor Day

Day trip to Santa Cruz
We were so excited to get out of the foggy city and spend a day in the sun
wah wahhhhhh.
An hour and a half drive... which turned into 3 hours courtesy of the Junester... and it was still foggy and cold! But SO fun and such a gorgeous drive along the coast. We both agreed maybe not the *best* time to head to a beach with rides (neither very infant friendly), but we had so much fun and can't wait to go back!

Nobody loves "ice cream of the future" more than this guy

On Monday we spent the day across the bridge at Heather Park in Walnut Creek. It was SO FUN to finally bask in the sun and take turns enjoying the pool :) Oh June, that swim suit may be useless right now but it sure is cute on you!!!

*side note
This baby whisperer can calm his daughter under any circumstance
Comes in real handy
And one last comment,
This is what happens during play time with dad...
He sets her up to make it look like she's reading magazines and watching tv. I think he's really excited for when she can actually play!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

one month old

I can't believe we've already had this little sweetie for a month... and at the same time I can't believe it's only been a month! I'm so happy we were able to take her to Utah to meet the whole fam - even though I felt like the worst mom taking a 2 week old on an airplane! You've gotta love the random comments like, "She doesn't even know how to yawn yet and you're making her go up and down in an airplane?!" Come on lady. She knows how to yawn :)
We have been so lucky with how smooth everything has gone and are so thankful for friends who brought us delicious meals and family who fell in love with "baby june"
Here's to the first month in the life of June Olivia....

Just getting started

We got the labor and delivery "suite" that had the most amazing views of the entire city! From the GG Bridge to the Bay Bridge. Thanks UCSF for the weekend getaway! :)

Starting to get real

1 epidural, 45 minutes of pushing, and a total of 12 hours later...
June Olivia Curtis was born!
July 17th at 10:06pm
7 lbs 13 oz
20 inches long

They sent us into our recovery room at 2am and a half hour later, sweet little June started crying and didn't stop until 7 in the morning! Poor Brad had to walk with her around our tiny little room all night to keep her calm. I must say it has gone uphill since then.

Welcome home doll!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

To the cutest boy I know.

My favorite thing to do right now is daydream about what our little girl will be like. I get so excited to have a little mini Bradley that I can snuggle and be with all day long. He makes it easy to imagine what it will be like when he does cute things like come out with his shirt inside out AND backwards, not realizing it all night :) He was of course the happiest, funniest little kid and I really hope we get one with his good heart.

I have a lot of feelings running through me right now, and the strongest one is how grateful I am to be doing this with Brad. He has been so sweet throughout this whole pregnancy giving me multiple foot massages (sometimes more than one a day), helping with dishes and laundry, tickling my back, adopting my sick eating habits (Bob's doughnuts and milk at midnight is our latest fav), telling me I'm "so pretty" all the time, bringing me flowers, cooking dinner, being genuinely excited about every little thing I can't wait to show him about the nursery or little baby clothes, singing Justin Bieber on the guitar to make me laugh and help me forget how miserable I feel, telling our baby how excited he is to see her, telling me what a good mom I'll be, and a million other things that I appreciate so much.

I can't wait to see how much this little girl loves him. She is so lucky to have him as her dad!

Here's to hoping she looks a little more like the pictures above... and a little less like this:
Haha, I love you Brad. Thanks for everything.

Monday, July 11, 2011

4th of July with Teddy and Di

Aren't they the cutest? They are both the most fashionable, fit, fun people and it was so fun having them here!!!

  • Brad winning the best of 3 tennis tournament... although they both felt like winners because Ted beat Brad for the FIRST TIME EVER
  • Enjoying (yet again) the best burger in the world at the Ferry Building Farmer's Market. Never disappointing.
  • Watching Brad and Ted buy shoes together. 3 hours later they both walked away with a GREAT purchase.
  • Union Square. Love Union Square.
  • Fillmore Jazz Festival
  • Bi Rite ice cream in Delores Park. I *wish* I had Teedo's reaction to that ice cream on video. I've never seen anyone so gitty about putting something in their mouth! To his credit... it really is THAT good.
  • Driving crooked Lombard Street every time we passed it
  • Walking the GG Bridge
  • The beautiful Japanese Tea Gardens
  • Sundaes at Ghiradelli
  • Haight Ashbury
  • 4th of July picnic/nap/bacci at GG Park while enjoying a patriotic marching band concert
  • Sneaking in to the last 5 minutes of the Balenciaga Exhibit at the De Young Museum
  • Movie and pizza in the Marina
  • Fireworks from the top o Nob
  • Mini doughnuts from Pier 39

Doesn't that belly look fake?? I wish it were. I wish it were.

And after all this... NO BABY!!!! What more could she want from me? As long as you're healthy baby... you can stay as long as you want.
But we can't wait to meet you.

Thanks Ted and Di for coming and celebrating the land of the free and the home of the brave with us. Go America! :) Until next time