Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I had to...

Haven't you always secretly wanted to be in a flash mob? I have! So when the opportunity came my way, I wasn't going to let this 9 month old belly get in the way! Some friends and I got together once a week for about a month and learned 3 MJ dances so we could show of our skills around San Francisco! It was seriously so funny I swear I was laughing the entire day! I love these girls and am so happy we actually went through with it. And who knew the belly would get so much attention! Sorry baby... your mom is super embarrassing.

Asking my name for the SF Chronicle (I was DYING)

I love these ones of Marianne!

The gang. Rachel, Marianne, me, Lisa, Erika

How awesome is this picture? Somebody started coming out of her shell! :)

So proud of ourselves!!

I had SO much fun on June 25th honoring the King of Pop. RIP Michael Jackson! We love you!! See you again next year :)

Danielle Curtis who is due to give birth in two weeks joins a flash mob that gathered at the various spots in San Francisco on June 25, 2011. The flash mob danced to songs from Michael Jackson on the second anniversary of his passing.


  1. um ya- pretty sure I've shown it to half of Brazil! ;) ha ha and they all loooove it just as much as me and Maile. "i wanna see danni dancing with the baby again mamae".

    That one will go down in history!! :)